9 things we can learn from Dragqueens


Dragqueen «Roxxy» gave me insight into her transformation for a photo series. Besides the pictures that were taken during the impressive transformation, I also had many enlightening moments. One thing is certain: biological women can learn a lot from her.

# 1 Prepare yourself meticulously

The transformation takes four hours. Three layers of foundation, two layers of fake eyelashes, light blue contact lenses, a platinum blond wig, fake breasts, stockings and high heels. In between there are prosecco breaks and dance interludes. There is laughter, dancing and smoking. Femininity is celebrated and in the end queen Roxxy is physically and mentally ready for her performance. The preparation is not so much about the external transformation, but more about feeling prepared for the upcoming adventures.

# 2 Dig deep into your toolbox

The eyebrows are taped with violet glue stick from the USA. The shaved beard is covered with a layer of red lipstick. “Otherwise you can see a dark shadow under the make-up,” Roxxy explains. Two different colours of theatre make-up optically reduce the nose. This teaches me: one should use available tools. Uncomplicated and as much as you need. Because if the end result is successful, nobody asks you how many tools you had to rely

# 3 Be creative and playful

In the rut of the daily routine we often forget how many possibilities there are for designing our own appearance. We can create every imaginable appearance with the choice of hairstyle, make-up, clothes and shoes. This is fun and is also a way to freely express your inner being at least on the surface. No matter if feminine, androgynous, masculine – sporty, classic or unconventional.

# 4 You can change anytime

During the performance as a drag queen, the artist creates a fictitious personality. This allows him to live out his life free from constraints and social expectations. He consciously decides who he wants to be on this evening and lives this out through his art form. But even for us non-Dragqueens, the decision about who we want to be lies with ourselves at all times. I can decide what makes up my person and if I want I can change this at any time.

# 5 Be fearless of public reaction

All views are on the two meter high beauty. Some curious, some judgmental, some admiring. Meanwhile she walks gracefully towards the night club and is not impressed by it. Even if she is aware of her effect, she knows: it is not her as a person who provokes these reactions. It is the confrontation between social norms and values that her appearance triggers in the viewers. This knowledge allows her to show herself to everyone. Calm and at peace with herself.

# 6 Give 0 fucks what people think

Travesty is a provocation. Moreover, presenting oneself confidently in the drag role often results in critics giving free rein to their opinions. But should one be impressed by this? No one can ever meet all the demands of all fellow human beings. And who wants to meet the demands of those who do not meet their peers with acceptance or tolerance? No one.

# 7 Surround yourself with your crew

At the LGBT party Roxxy meets her crew, who doesn’t judge her but celebrates her. Also choose your community so that it consists of people who encourage and help you. Positive people, members of your tribe and friends who confirm and support you. Through your allies, you will get the staying power you need for the things you want to achieve.

# 8 When in doubt, laugh

«Which toilet do I go to?» Drag queens handle the problem of gender-separated WCs in different ways. Roxxy, for example, might get upset that various members of society are discriminated against every time they have to go to the toilet. But instead she tells personal anecdotes and laughs about herself and this bizarre situation of our system. This doesn’t change the problem, but at least it makes it a little easier to live with.

# 9 You can always decide who you want to be

One thing I learned from Roxxy: Nobody can tell us how to be. We decide ourselves at any time how we give ourselves and which personality we embody. It feels liberating to become aware of this fact. To decide freely who we want to be is not a question of drag or non-drag. It is a question of my personal rights as an individual and human being.

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