About me

Hi, I’m Corina,
a Swiss-based photographer from Basel. I mainly do portraits and weddings, but I take things as they come.

Feel free to contact me and ask away: hello@corinarainer.com

Photography is not about technique or equipment, it is about finding your voice.

Alec Soth

While I always kept this quote in my head, I also learned that technique and equipment can be good for self-esteem tbh.

For me as a rather introverted and calm person, photography is my way of “speaking up”. It always has been my preferred way of showing my emotions, hardships and joys.

Taking people’s and especially women’s pictures is one of my favorite thing ever. I like to make everyone feel empowered, strong and beautiful.

From 2015 to 2019 I took several courses in photography, at HTW Berlin, Klub der Künste at Deichtorhallen Hamburg and I did an internship at Lucia Hunziker Photography.

I am on my way in this creative journey. For more insights and personal stories, please join my newsletter.

Talk to you soon,

Leave a message, I’m happy to hear from you.

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